Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Post: Stencil Wall

I love having my talented friends share DIY projects they are working on.
Today my friend, Shireen Musaddiq, is sharing her DIY stencil project.
I absolutely adore the way it turned out. I'm looking forward to
seeing it in person when I'll be up in Canada next!

I wanted to spruce up my front foyer with a feature wall.  I'm too chicken to wallpaper but saw some stencils online with moroccan style patterns. They were a bit expensive and some of the ones I liked were fairly simple shapes so I decided to make my own.  

I folded a piece of paper into quarters and drew the design onto it to keep it symmetrical. Cut that out and traced onto cardboard.

I taped a small level onto the cardboard cutout ( saw this idea on Pinterest). I traced around the stencil with pencil first. Using a small flat brush, I painted over the pencil lines with a cream coloured paint sample I had lying around. This was a bit time consuming and required a steady hand.  

As a finishing touch, I used an acrylic gold paint pen to outline around parts of the stencil and give it a 3D effect. People have looked at the wall up close and still thought it was wallpaper!

Overall it took me a couple hours to draw on the wall and a few nights of painting (while the kids were asleep) and cost nothing as I already had the supplies. 

Mirror and rug (which I used to cover my plain ottoman) are from Homesense! (it's kinda like Home Goods in the US). 


Fariha said...

This looks beautiful! I can tell from the photos that she has a REALLY steady hand. I can't wait to try this out one day. I don't really like wallpaper, so this is a great DIY trick.

Thank you for sharing! Glad I came across your blog. It's great mashaAllah.

Saima said...

This definitely is a great alternative to wallpaper... takes more time to put up but less to change when you're ready for something new.

Thanks Fariha :)

Home Synchronize said...

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