Monday, July 8, 2013

Lantern Court: Review

Lantern Court is a company specializing in Muslim Holiday
products. They offer three collections all
which include paper products, balloons, outdoor flags and cards.

I was contacted by Seher Zaman, founder of Lantern Court, to do a review of their products. 
The plan is to use it tomorrow night, to celebrate the first
iftaar with the family!

Now onto the review...

Absolutely loved the way the products arrived.
Plain white box, blue ribbon with an attached card.

I received the dinner and salad/dessert plates, napkins and balloon.

Honestly, I was quite pleased upon opening the products. Initially when I had seen the images online 
I thought they would be too bright for my personal taste but
the color is more muted and blends well with a variety of tablescapes.

I tested out the plates with food, they are sturdy. Good quality.
The balloon needs to be filled with Helium, haven't had a chance to do that yet
but will have it ready for the kids by tomorrow.

The one thing I would like to see different, is instead of having
everything in the collection be identical, is to have the napkins or balloons
be a complimentary color or pattern just not exactly the same as the plates.

The kids have seen me setting it
up and are getting excited to use it for the first iftaar this Ramadan!

Definitely, excellent value for excellent products. 
Do check out Lantern Courts website to see more.


Anonymous said...

I am always excited to see a quality product for muslims. I plan to purchase these items. I wish they had offered your subscribers a discount. Shipping is not cheap!

Saima said...

InshAllah you will like their products. I will be hosting a giveaway... check back soon!

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