Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post: Islamic Architecture

My friend Sanaa Ansari, from The Style Matrixdocuments some of her recent travels on her fashion blog. Pictures of mosques she's visited
caught my eye, (you all know how much I love Islamic architecture!) along with some spectacular cultural shots.
I just had to ask her to write a piece for Azzure readers.

When Saima asked me to do a guest post for Azzure, I was honored. Her eye for design is great and I love how she incorporates different kinds of Islamic cultural influences into her work for a unique perspective.

Saima asked me to share some of my own favorite Islamic designs. I immediately remembered a recent trip I took to Lahore and Abu Dhabi for my sister's wedding. Despite being vastly different, their most famous structures are so similar.

The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a luxurious spectacle to say the very least. The entree building is made up of marble stone and boasts accents of gold and semi-precious stones. Built only recently (2007), it holds the record of being the 8th largest mosque in the world. 

When you look closely, you can see the Grand Mosque was heavily influenced by Lahore's
Badshahi Mosque.  The dome and minaret layouts are very similar, as is the archway repetition. A beautiful red sandstone structure built in 1673, the Badshahi Mosque also boasts beautiful accents of marble and ivory.

As different as these two cities are, the experiences in these majestic structures are just as distinct and wonderful.


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