Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY: Ramadan Tracker

A Ramadan tracker is the perfect way for kids to countdown the days until Eid 
and for us adults to remember what day in Ramadan we're in!

This was an easy and fun project to do with the kids, they're 
definitely getting excited for next week.

Items needed:
Picture Frame
Letter and Number Stickers (or stencils)
Card Stock paper
Star Stickers
Found this frame and thought it would be perfect for the project;
a lot  of space to work with. 

The color of the tracker needed to fit well in my dining space, since it will be up
for the whole month.
The kids took turns helping with the paint.

We used stickers for the word Ramadan, as well as for
the 2013 which we placed inside the frame. Stencils would work too.

We placed card stock paper inside the frame to add some pattern and color.
You can add anything inside the frame, even
a picture of the family from past Ramadans!

Found these gorgeous star stickers from Michaels. I will have the kids add one
sticker to the tracker each day at Iftaar. I painted thirty small gold dots as
a guide for the sticker placement.

This can be used year after year, simply remove the stickers and replace the
card stock inside the frame with the new year.


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