Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest Post: DIY Moroccan Table

Excited to have my friend, Omaira Alam, back on the blog to share her latest DIY.
She's continuously doing fun DIY projects, this one stood out to me and
just had to share it with all of you!

To read more about Omaira check out her blog.

A lot of the DIY items that I do – and I’m nowhere near the awesomeness that you see on Pinterest and blog world – are based on really checking out what the current trends are and what catches my eye reflecting my desire to upcycle always with a touch of the exotic. 
I’ve seen Moroccan tables everywhere. They add that certain flavour of the East, without too much. In my project I was inspired by these tables from Pinterest. 
First I wanted it to be white to add that versatility with a piece, but then I saw this table with the undercoat a different colour; gorgeous.

It didn’t occur to me that I could actually paint a design on the table, but after I saw some of these beautiful hand-painted ones, I definitely wanted to do something with paint. And even better, I already had the colour I wanted to use.

Finally, I definitely wanted it to be studded with nail head trim. I really love how that looks on these tables. It wouldn’t quite match, and that gives it a little edge. 

I was able to score a wooden table, Moroccan style in the exact shape and style that I wanted.

After sanding and priming, I did an undercoat in gold using gold metallic spray paint. I really love touches of gold in everything right now. 
Covering up the gold, I did another coat of white over the top and sides of the table, and touched up the gold where some white got through.

Now the fun part began. I thought about doing henna designs on the table but I wanted something easy and quick. Sometimes I get impatient for the vision in my mind to materialize. Using a stencil and a paint pen I was able to put some simple designs in gold on the tops and sides of the table. Be sure to measure the center of each side so that all the stencils are lined up. While it looked great as it was, it was missing something.

Bring on the edge. Adding a bit of nail head trim – much less than I initially wanted (too hard to hammer) – really brought the table to life and finished the piece. 

I put a final coat of clear gloss spray paint to seal the deal and there you have it: Bohemian table all for about $40. The colours will suit most rooms and add a bit of the exotic.


Maryam M.M. said...

Where can we get one of these tables? Did you make the table yourself too?

Omaira said...

My apologies for not responding sooner. I didn't see this till now. I actually purchased this from a lady in a local resale group. I think if someone is crafty like that and has those saws for shaping, I think it is very doable. Flea markets and swap meets may have them, but I was looking for about 6months before I found the perfect table. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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