Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Irada: Islamic Wall Art

A few months back I got in touch with the people behind
Irada Arts
They have a wonderful array of decals in many colors and styles.
The inspiration they had for creating these decals can be read directly on their site. Here's
a sample:

"....we set out on a quest to capture the beauty of Islamic calligraphy combined with reviving the tradition of largemajestic calligraphy directly on the wall and bring it into your home, as a reminder that helps us proceed forward, as a meaning of our ultimate purpose, as an expression of hearts longing for the Divine. Or in other words, increasing one’s Irada."

I choose three pieces for my own home.
I went with the smaller Kufic style decal in gold.

I decided to place them on three 'all black' shadow boxes.

Applying the decal was quite simple. Just be sure that everything lays flat, get rid
of all bubbles. I applied it directly to the outside of my shadow box.

And voila the finished piece....

My new staircase art!


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