Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Local Artist - Canvas Art

Recently, a friend here in San Diego, Ismat Sami, has revived her love of painting and I'm
glad she did. Her pieces are one of a kind, absolutely gorgeous!

Below are a few of her paintings along with more information from Ismat herself.
Also, do check out her blog


I am a self taught artist based in San Diego coming back from a ten year hiatus. I have always had an interest in art but chose to pursue a degree in Business Management instead. I started painting about 11 years ago but pretty soon had to surrender the paint brushes to the diaper genie. No complaints though.

Art is a constant learning process for me as I never had any formal training. I paint on instinct which means I paint whatever feels right on the canvas at that moment. For this reason my pieces are varied in subject. Some of my art will have a dash of Islamic influence while some will lean more towards abstraction. But I enjoy making the landscapes the most. Right now I paint in acrylics but pretty soon would like to try other mediums like watercolor and oil. In addition to making my own artwork I have been doing some commissioned work as well where I have worked with a client and made something  based on their own vision .Often times they either want a larger version of one of my pieces or in a different color scheme.


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