Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eid Decor: DIY Mini Kabah

Just about a week left before Eid!

Last year, for Eid-ul-Adha, the kids and I made this 'Kabah' and a
few little sheep for our Eid decor. Loved the way it turned out.

I decided to make a few more mini Kabah's for this coming Eid. 

It's actually quite easy.

I picked up these mini boxes from Michaels.

Got out my black and gold paint.

I painted the gold first. You can of course use tape to make
the paint line neater.

These look adorable on a mantel or used as a centerpiece for
Eid dinner with family and friends!

I don't think I'll be making the sheep again this year, instead
I'm thinking of making sheep cupcakes! 


Unknown said...

How adorable, I love this idea! I think im going to make it with my son if I have time! Oh and plz post the sheep cupcakes, awesome idea :)


Saima said...

Great..... let me know how it turns out! Will do... only if they turn out good ;)

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