Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadan Crafts With The Kids: Gift Buckets and Placemats

I love getting the kids involved in crafts/ideas for
Ramadan and Eid.
Can't believe we're almost half way through Ramadan. 

This is about the time we get the kids Laylat al-Qadr gift buckets ready.
We've been doing this little tradition for the past 5 years. 
The kids look forward to it every year!

Basically, we fill up their buckets with small gifts
the morning after each odd night during the last 10 days of the month.
They wake up eager to see what they'll get.
It's a fun way to build up excitement to Eid.

I change it up every year, this year I bought plain white buckets and had
each of them add stickers, paint, crayons whatever they wanted.
It's all about individual expression.

My daughter Mariya decided to wear her gloves during the process.
Not sure how she managed to color with them on!

The final product.

It's nice that the kids are home this Ramadan.
They have more than enough time to work on
their projects.

The color theme for my Eid decor is mainly blue this year, 
so I had my kids make blue starred placemats 
for each member of the family.

We taped a star shape in the middle of a piece of paper
and the kids painted all around.

Then removed the star and voila, a brightly colored design.
They are proud of their work!


Omaira said...

I really love how you incorporate important days in Ramadan into your crafts. I mean this is such a great way to introduce, and then teach about the significance of the last 10 days and Layla tul Qadr. What a great build up to Eid! mashaAllah!

Qusetion: Each year, do you choose a particular colour for decor? And how does that work for crafts?

Saima said...

I usually plan out the color of my Eid decor prior to Ramadan, that way I slowly buy items and by Eid I have a good collection.

For crafts I use items that will look good with the overall decor/color theme for that year. When the kids work on their projects I actually like when they bring in a few different colors etc, everything doesn't need to always match perfectly :)

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum sis,
Wonderful idea! :)

Saima said...

Walaykum Asalam,

Thank you :)

Omaira said...

That's a great idea! Could you possibly share how that looks or develops from Eids/Ramadans past? :)

Saima said...

I can definitely email you some pictures. (Didn't realize I would have a blog back then so the pictures are more personal :)) Also, check back here I'll post some more of my Eid decor from this year!

Salma Ashiq said...

No doubt its a great achievements for the little kids,I like your creative art!!!Nice guys.....
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Maysem said...

Very cute idea!

Saima said...

Thank you! It's always great getting the kids involved.

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