Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eid Dessert Table

Eid is just four days away!
I love making my kids their favorite desserts for Eid, just as my parents
did for us growing up.
Displaying their treats in unique ways is half the fun. I like changing it up every year.
This year I decided to do a treat buffet set up.

I brought in fresh flowers and lemons (for the lemonade)
 from our backyard!
I used the flag stickers and buffet labels I received from

Don't worry, the lemonade and cupcakes aren't
going to be sitting here for the next four days.
This is my test run before Eid day {smile}.

I'm hoping to squeeze in another post before Eid. But if I don't have time,
an early Eid Mubarak to everyone!


Omaira said...

How awesome, mashaAllah. It looks beautiful! I particularly love the little genie lamp. So in your plan for the day, how do you use this treat buffet? Is it specifically for the kids or for everyone who drops by? Do you have it after prayer or Eid morning? Sorry for all the questions, just very curious about the "traditions" that people have surrounding Eid. :)

Saima said...

Thanks Omaira! I got that lamp from Dubai. Well every year our Eid day is a little different, depending on community events, invites etc. But we make sure to keep the tradition of opening the kids presents then enjoying their treats. That usually happens by mid-morning. I'm planning on doing a few Eid lunches for friends, but not on Eid day. What are some of your family Eid traditions?

Omaira said...

It's so funny, we've only had a handful of Eids where we've all been together as a family and even those have not been in any of the same places. I try to make some yummy traditional food, decorate, and spend some time with presents for Jibril. We're with friends this Eid, but perhaps next Eid I'll try to do something more at home. :)

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