Monday, July 30, 2012

LIT Decor: Handmade Moroccan Lanterns

I'm always looking for unique ways to
decorate our home during Ramadan and Eid.
I came across these gorgeous handmade Moroccan and henna patterned lanterns on Etsy
by LIT decor and just had to share
my find!

Vanessa, the owner of LIT decor, is an artist inspired by exotic cultures and historical designs. 
She transforms these simple mason jars into works of art. Vanessa loves
what she does and you can see it through her work.
These mini lanterns would be perfect lined up on a mantel, buffet table, staircase or even as a center piece.
I'm inspired to start another DIY project based
on these designs.

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Sketched Soul said...

Oh this are SO pretty and unique.

Saima said...

You're so crafty... you could make these yourself!

Omaira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Omaira said...

These would make such beautiful gifts, especially filled with goodies for neighbours as a welcome Ramadan or Eid Mubarak gift...hmmmm...

Saima said...

Excellent idea Omaira!

Maysem said...

I LOVE LIT decor... her work is absolutely beautiful! For Ramadan, I made the lanterns. I'm using them as a countdown to Eid. If you would like you can check them out here: Of course no where near LIT decor...but a girl can try right? :P I have them set up on my Ramadan Mantel which you can also see on my blog.

Saima said...

Just checked out your lanterns. You did such an amazing job and love your idea of using them as a countdown to Eid!

Herry jonson said...

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