Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakina Design - Contemporary Islamic Art

A couple of years ago, while at a conference in Anaheim, 
I came across Sakina Design. A husband and wife creative team 
who produce high quality, unique art. 
Their pieces immediately caught my eye. It's the type of Islamic art that works well with current design trends. 

Stationary by Sakina Design

Recently, I got in touch with Jontie Karden and Kung Pik Liu,
 the duo behind Sakina Design.
When asked about the inspiration for their designs, Jontie stated:

"We love traditional Islamic art and architecture, but wanted to make it more relevant to our modern lives, so we give it a contemporary twist. We work hard to stay eco-friendly and provide a high-quality product to our customers."

See Sakina Design for more of their background and work: 

Here are a few samples:

If you like something you see, be sure to use the exclusive coupon below just for Azzure readers!


Omaira said...

Once we move, this is something I would love to do in our home. Thank you for the info and the coupon! :)

Saima said...

You're welcome!

tort(e) said...

Oh wow. I love their stuff! Will definitely have to keep this in mind when we get a new place!

Saima said...

The art looks even better in person!

Pik | Sakina Design said...

Thank you, Saima for your blog post.

Saima said...

You're welcome Pik :)

Saga World said...

With beautiful Islamic art patterns are creative, ethnic, traditional and beautiful. Any woman would be tempted by the exotic designs presented at Saga World mall, Dubai. The swank and chick designs are a speciality of these patterns.

Anonymous said...

Salaam I would like to buy some how can I contact you from UK ?
My email

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