Monday, April 16, 2012

Blue Bottles

I came across this idea on Apartment Therapy. Yes, those are Coke bottles! It's a quick, simple way to bring in a pop of color to a room, tabletop or desk. Would even work well as a centerpiece; line up a few next to one another.
 I enjoy trying out DIY projects that I'm coming across lately. It's amusing seeing how well they actually turn out.
I can't forget to add, my son picked the flowers for me from our yard!

Love the way the blue turned out. Any color would work great.


Sketched Soul said...

You have a lovely blog, tabarak'Allah

Saima said...

Thank you!!

Pik said...

NICE IDEA! What kind of paint is it? Is it safe for home use or even food? Just wonder.

Saima said...

Thanks Pik! It's acrylic paint, safe for the home not sure about food though.

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