Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post: DIY Lampshade

I love the look of a ribbon framed lampshade. A simple element which 
can completely change the look of a lamp. 
Ready to try doing this yourself?

Well my friend and amazing DIY'er, Omaira Alam, is back to share her step by step lampshade project!


I bought this cute little lamp at a garage sale and I loved the lines of the shade and the colour. It was the perfect piece to add a little bit of ambience and light for a small corner. But it always looked a bit unfinished.

I wanted to do a little touch up, but nothing too dramatic or requiring a lot of commitment. Changing any piece of décor always requires a certain level of commitment and I wanted this piece to remain versatile.

I went to the dollar store while visiting Toronto and picked up some ribbons. One of them was a thin brown metallic braided ribbon which would be perfect for the lampshade.

What you need:

Glue gun

This project took literally an hour at most. A quick and easy decor touch up for when the little one is napping.

Hold the ribbon for a little bit after gluing it just so it has a chance to stick in place.

A nicely, finished piece, in neutral tones ready for any room.


Just Me said...

Great job Omaira! That came out looking really nice.

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