Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Meets Interior Design - Hijabtrendz

Why not display your personal style in your home decor?

For today's post, I worked with Hijabtrendz to do just that. I created a design based upon an outfit by Mariam Sobh. I enjoyed creating this look with her inspirational style!

I gave the room a very feminine feel, while keeping the overall look quite simple. Elements of creme, from the skirt, are spread throughout the room. Touches of soft pink are displayed in the pillow and hand blown glass lamp while navy from the tunic can be seen in the pillow covers. Two arm chairs add structure from the handbag along with the black. The light fixture and butler stand bring in the gold. To mimic the look of sequins from the tunic, I used candle holders and a light fixture which are both round in shape and add a little "bling" to the room. The wood carved backdrop adds texture while bringing the whole look together.

Hijab Fashion: Night and Day

Long Skirt Jane Nude - Antik Batik
           With different textures and subtle color differences you can take an ordinary black and white outfit and jazz it up. Who says you can't do a little cream with hints (of pink in it? And don't forget, black and gold go with everything! :)
- Mariam Sobh

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