Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY: Bench With Storage

We've had this old TV console sitting in the garage for a while. It was originally used for the boys video games, TV and storage. I never liked it and was glad to get it out of the house. A couple of weeks ago, I was clearing out the garage and was ready to sell it, but instead came up with a brilliant idea. We needed extra seating in our bedroom and this console was the perfect height for a bench! So began the project:

What you need:

Sand Paper
Sand And Primed

Paint color: Gentle Rain

I painted it once, then let it dry overnight before adding a second coat.

Time to stencil the doors.

The whole family wanted to get involved at this point! I've stenciled many surfaces before but glass can be a bit tricky since the paint doesn't adhere to the surface right away. Remember to just dab the stencil on. My older son helped hold the stencil down at the edges while I painted. My husband decided to go over the stencil a second time with more paint, which wasn't the best of ideas. It ended up leaking through the stencil (see the difference between the left and right door). He made up for it though by helping me with the cushion cover!

Attach new nobs

For the cushion, I went to a local fabric store and bought a piece of foam and fabric. The cashier suggested a foam and fabric adhesive so I wouldn't have to sew the fabric. Well, lets just say, I'm glad I tested it on a scarp piece of fabric before using it for my cushion. It didn't work too well and even left a stain. Instead, I called my mom (she's an expert sewer) and she gave me tips on sewing the fabric over the cushion. It worked out great!

I didn't permanently attach the cushion to the bench. I may decide to later re-use this piece as something else.

Now we have extra seating, storage and it looks great. Glad I kept it!


Rahim said...

Oh joys of DIY and finding out what works and not after you have smugged the paint ;) ... makes it fun ... very pleased with end result

Saima said...

Exactly! Learn as you go :)

Omaira said...

Very nice, mashaAllah! Love the colour. Another idea for the doors instead of paint could be glass etching cream.

Saima said...

Thanks! That would definitely work great. I used acrylic paint since that's what I had at home during the time :)

Jahaan said...

Masha Allah this is awesome. You just gave me the inspiration I needed to do two projects that I have not done yet. One is my tv stand which is a metal office credenza that I nabbed for 20 bucks at UW Swap and also I have this lateral filling cabinet that was free. It's so ugly LOL...

Saima said...

Glad this inspired you :) Would love to see your projects when you are done!

Thomas Watson said...

It looks great. My wife will love this.

Saima said...

Thank you!

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