Monday, March 12, 2012

Art From Our Past

I'm continuously amazed at the history of Muslim art. The historic world was inspired so deeply by beauty and perfection, that each Muslim country produced some of the most distinctly unique and spectacular art and architecture the world has seen. The colors, textures, calligraphy, patterns are beyond exquisite. Truly inspiring and relevant in current design.

 Images and subtitles courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art 

Basin, early 14th century
                    Western IranBrass inlaid with silver and gold, champlevĂ© engraving

Jali screen (one of a pair), second half of 16th century; Mughal
Carved red sandstone

Bowl, 10th century
Samarqand (Uzbekistan) or Nishapur (Iran)
Earthenware, red body, white engobe, underglaze-painted

Tile, mid-14th century
Probably Samarqand (present-day Uzbekistan)
Carved and glazed fritware

Carpet, first half of 17th century; Ottoman
Ushak, Anatolia
Wool warp and weft, wool pile

Textile fragment, 14th century; Nasrid
Silk, lampas weave

Mosque lamp, ca. 1285; Mamluk
Egypt (Cairo)
Brownish colorless glass, free-blown, applied, enameled, gilded, and stained; tooled on the pontil; red, blue, white, green, yellow, and black enamels; gold; and orange-yellow stain


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