Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY Message Board

Time for another DIY project! Today I'm going to share a message board that I made for my son's room. He needed something to help him keep organized with school work and all his extra curricular activities. This is definitely working and it looks great in his room.

To make this message board you will need:

1 framed bulletin/cork board
Small brush
Decorative nails
Sand paper
Fabric of your choice (I went with a thicker fabric here, if you decide to go with something thinner just make sure you add some batting to the back for durability)

Step 1: Sand 
Lightly sand the frame so the paint will adhere to the surface. 

Step 2: Paint
Begin painting all around the frame. Let Dry. Apply one more coat if needed.

Step 3: Cut Fabric
Lay the fabric over the board and cut to match the entire surface of the board.

Step 4: Fold 
Fold the edges of the fabric neatly so it lays in the inside of the frame. Iron down. 

Step 5: Pin
Pin down the fabric at all four corners first. Continue pinning all around the board about 1/2 " apart.

Step 6: Complete
Make sure the fabric is even all around.'re done!

You can choose different patterns/colors that work best in your room. This board goes well over my son's desk, which I've also refinished.

Have a great weekend!


This Girl Blogs said...

Salam sis!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :D I love this idea! I might even give it a try myself, it'll definitely help me get a lot more organised!
I am now following your blog through Google Friend Connect and look forward to reading lots more :D

Saima said...


Good hearing from you! Nice... I'll definitely follow you too. Great connecting with you on here :)

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu `alaikum,

It's beautiful, Saima! And so easy! :)


Saima said...

Thanks Rebecca!

sadiya said...

lol ur writing hasn't changed (where are the highlighters?!)
this looks so cute with the decorative nails :)

Saima said...

Thanks Sadiya! Passed all my highlighters down to the kids :)

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