Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY: Bookcase Dollhouse

I'm in the process of updating my daughter's room. Transforming her nursery to something more fit for a two and a half year old. Her older brothers have also decided that they want a new look, so I've been adding more projects to my list!
This weekend the plan was to add a pop of color to my daughter's bookshelf:

But then I came across this great idea on The Land of Nod's site. It's adorable, I may have to rethink my weekend project!

Try this: Bookcase Dollhouse

Whattya need?
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Bookcase
  • Double-sided tape
  • Dollhouse furniture
  • Dolls
How do I make a bookcase dolhouse?
Step 1: Cut wrapping paper to the fit back of bookcase and apply wrapping paper as wall paper with double side tape.
Step 2: Cut cardboard to make elements like a door or a rug. This rug was made by coiling yarn on top of cardboard with some double sided tape.
Step 3: Add in your furniture and people.
Step 4: Time to play!

Created by Dane Holweger


Bilqees said...

Can i say how much i love this idea...I had planed to buy my daughter a doll house, but now will make one together. :) JK

Saima said...

The great thing is you can customize the dollhouse :) Glad this inspired you!

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